Introducing Naturamore, a pioneering health and wellness brand proudly presented by Netsurf Communication Private Limited. With a commitment to holistic well-being, Naturamore offers a diverse range of products across four key categories: Herbal Green Tea, Daily Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, and Ayurveda. Each product is meticulously crafted from natural and Ayurvedic herbs, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and modern science. What sets Naturamore apart is its dedication to quality; all products undergo rigorous lab testing and hold certifications, providing a trustworthy foundation for your journey towards a healthier and balanced life.


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Smart Nutrition For The Entire Family

We're here to support you at every step in enriching your family's well-being through our smart nutrition solutions.

Made With Natural Extracts

Our products allow you to embrace the true power of nature through their unique formulation of natural extracts and herbs.

Trusted By 1 Million Consumers

Join a community of over 1 million satisfied customers, a testament to our commitment to quality and effectiveness.


Our Categories


Herbal Green Tea

Naturamore’s exclusive range of Herbal Green Tea is curated with ingredients rooted in ancient Ayurvedic practices, honed over centuries. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our teas that are refreshing and oozing with natural wellness. Your daily tea ritual just got better!



Our Ayurvedic concoctions are made using the finest ingredients sourced directly from nature. A harmonious blend rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, our formulations are made using time-tested herbs to help you combat respiratory and digestive ailments.


Daily Nutrition

Fuel your fitness journey with Naturamore Daily Nutrition. Our supplements are more than just a mere way of completing your daily protein intake. They are infused with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients to nourish your body and mind. Start your day with the goodness of Naturamore, because you deserve only the best.


Functional Nutrition

Unleash the power of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with Naturamore Functional Nutrition. Each nutraceutical is carefully crafted to meet specific health and performance goals. Whether you seek enhanced energy, improved focus, or support for active lifestyles, Naturamore's Functional Nutrition range is designed to elevate your experience. Fuel your ambitions with precision and purpose, because optimal nutrition is the key to unlocking your full potential.