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Fruits To Make Monsoon Even More Enjoyable

Author : Kaustubh Bandivdekar

Monsoon is a season which is loved by all! From younger to old people everyone enjoys monsoon in their own way. Kids love walking through the rains, playing in the rain and do lot of fun activities while elders love to spend time sipping a hot cup of tea or bringing in hot pakodas from the roadside corner.

While doing all this our immunity goes for a toss. Ever wondered why? In rainy season the percentage of water content in our body changes which affects the overall immune system, especially the digestive system. Due to this, lot of people complain about have gastric problems due to sluggish digestive system or various infections which are results of low immunity.

Therefore, it’s always advised to eat wisely in monsoons. When it comes to eating habits there are lot of food items that are preferred and for some it’s a big NO-NO in this season. Instead of eating some junk and unhygienic food options people generally tend to consume things which are seasonal, and which will help in managing the digestion and immunity issue.

Speaking about seasonal availability, there are few seasonal fruits that are specifically available in monsoon and should be consume in the monsoon season. These fruits are:

1. Lychee

In India, lychee is one of the fruits which is available in abundance. Apart from its availability the fruits also have multiple health benefits. Lychee contains Vitamin-C which is very good immunity booster. Part from that the fruit is also known to keep your skin healthy and nourished in the damp and wet conditions. Lychee is also good for people with asthmatic conditions

2. Peaches

Peaches contains lot of zinc and fibre which is good for maintaining the digestive health. Peaches are full of Vitamin A, B carotene and Vitamin C. These vitamins are helpful in maintaining the skin texture and helps improve the eye health. Peaches also has fluoride which are beneficial taking care of the dental problems and keeps germs and oral problems at bay. They also act as a very good immunity booster

3. Plum

Plums are the one of those fruits which are exclusively available in monsoon season. This fruit is power packed with fibre and lots of vitamin which fights the seasonal infections. Plum also contains helps regulate the sugar level in the body keeping the glucose level under control. It is a rich source of antioxidant which protects body against the tissue damage. It is overall and excellent fruit to consume in monsoons as it takes care of the immunity and digestive system

4. Apple

Apples are one of the best fruits to consume throughout the year. Researchers have found that apple contains antioxidants which can slow the growth of cancer cells. Apples are also known to reduce the type 2 diabetes. Apples are also known for reducing the asthma and are good for heart.

5. Jamun

Jamun is known for improving the haemoglobin as its loaded with Vitamin C and Iron. Because of this properties Jamun may also help purify the blood which can reduces chances of asthmatic issues during monsoons. Jamun also has vitamin A and antioxidants which may help in preventing early aging and takes care of eyes. Jamun also takes care of skin, acne and other problems related to skin.

This monsoon don’t let the illness catch you. Keep it at bay with various fruits that help build your immunity and keep you Andar Se Fit. You can tell us about more such fruits which have proven beneficial during the monsoon season or share your fruit-based recipes that make immunity-boosting food tastier. Stay Healthy. Stay Fit!

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