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How Ayurvedic Herbal Green Tea Promises to Work for You

Author : Parimala Prabhudesai

banner herbal-tea Green tea has the prowess to improve mood, improve cognitive and other brain functions and reduce the chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, we have already heard of the way green tea benefits like managing blood sugar levels and more. In short, green tea is ideal in rewarding you with health benefits. So, where does Ayurveda come into the picture, and how herbs can enhance the already beneficial green tea?

Ayurveda has been a reliable field of science that processes natural extracts to bring more goodness to green tea. From helping the drinkers of green tea to develop better immunity, and rejuvenate and detox your body, the herbs do a lot.

Let’s look at a few of the popular choices of herbs that Ayurveda recommends for regular consumption and how they can help you when they are in green tea.


Brahmi performs the dual function of improving the cognitive brain functions along with regulating blood pressure by easing the blood flow. When it is used in green tea with other potent herbs or spices as recommended in Ayurveda, the green tea benefits only increase. Naturamore has come up with a few interesting green tea combinations that have also included Ayurvedic herbs and spices to ensure you fix your main health issues with ease. Don’t miss their green tea with Brahmi and cinnamon to relieve hypertensives.  


Cinnamon in stick or powder form has always been famous for its antioxidant properties. Here in green teas, you can find them do that besides regularizing cholesterol and heart functions. Cinnamon helps in fighting against viral and bacterial attacks.


Also famous as Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha is a commonly used herb that experts claim to have properties to reduce anxiety. In short, it is good at keeping your stress or anxiety-related issues at bay.


This is the staple herb you will find in every Indian home because of its ability to cure many things. In fact, has been found effective in curing many things, from poor heart to kidney issues, to stress and blood pressure to even diabetes, and the simplest cold and cough. This is just the reason you will find tulsi as a prime ingredient in Naturamore’s green tea with licorice. It can help in solving breathlessness, or lung and respiratory issues.  


This is a plant that grows near waterbodies and can help you in case of any skin issues. The dried root can help in treating a host of issues like epilepsy, constipation, colic pain, and other intestinal issues. It can also improve appetite and reduces the chance of gastric formation.  


One of the most respected herbs in Ayurveda is Yashtimadhu. It is a popular herb famous for reducing inflammation in throats, congestion, and various respiratory issues including coughs, and more. It also reduces throat infections, abdominal pains, or even painful infections in the urinary tract.


Ginger, both in fresh and dried forms, has been a popular choice for home remedies in Indian homes for a long time. Even now, in making green tea to help in digestion and detox, Naturamore Herbal green tea has included ginger. Ginger has been always the best choice for fighting digestive issues including bloating and works effectively as an anti-oxidant.


Turmeric or Haridra is a common Indian spice found in every home. Turmeric in green tea can help with its anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties. From using it topically on the face to cure any irritating pimples to having it in food to relieve menstrual pain in the belly, to working as anti-depressants, the spice can do a lot of wonders. If you look at top green tea nutritional facts, you will notice its rising importance in the body and health.

Naturamore’s collection of six tea packs of green tea has all of these and more. There are Tulsi and licorice teas, Fenugreek and turmeric tea, cumin, and ginger tea among others. You can pick one for your daily tea intake and watch how these herbal green teas can improve your health overall and not just be another beverage option for you.