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Why You Should Never Ignore Caring for Your Liver

Author : Parimala Prabhudesai

You take care of your heart, your brain, and all of those joints and bones. But you may not be sparing a thought for your very essential liver. People often ignore any abdominal ache or ailment believing that ‘this is just another stomach ache!’. But like every other organ, the liver also deserves if not more, but similar leverage. Let’s check out a few tips for maintaining a healthy liver. But before that, let’s check out the reason why your liver should now be the centre of attention.

A Look at Your Liver and what it does

Nestled in the upper right portion of the abdomen, the liver stands as one of the body's largest solid organs. Its multifaceted role encompasses crucial metabolic and detoxification functions. Among its responsibilities, the liver converts nutrients from food, regulates glucose energy balance, and acts as a formidable defence against harmful toxins.

In fact, the hepatocytic cells in the liver filter the blood and sort whatever needs to be stored, processed, or removed from the system. The liver breaks down proteins to form ammonia which it releases into the blood for the kidneys to eliminate through urine. 

Besides this, the liver also works on creating the factors or contributing elements to increase immunity in the body. This speaks volumes about how important the liver is for the body. There could be several issues the liver might endure with time or due to some other reasons. Among the illnesses, we have Hepatitis A, B, or C, or even Cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, and more. Now that you learned how many vital functions of the body are the liver’s responsibility, how do we take care of the liver?

Tips to Take Care of the Liver

Mind your Medications:

You might not realize that certain medicines or treatments you might take for other diseases could cause harm to the liver. For instance, phenytoin, aspirin, and statins are a few such medicines. Consult your physician about the length of the intake of the medicines as well to prevent damage to the liver.  

Opt for a Nutrient-rich diet:

Prioritize whole foods over processed alternatives high in sugar, fats, or salt. Look for fibre-rich foods like fresh fruits or vegetables and whole grains. Restrain from consuming refined carbs like white bread and others. Go for moderation while opting for meat, and dairy. The best option would be to go for consuming foods with good cholesterol, and fats that come from nuts and seeds, vegetables, and fish.

Stick to a Fitness Regimen:

You may opt for a workout and brisk walk session to keep your body fit and healthy. If you have been putting on weight recently, it is time you check on the foods you consume. There is a chance you might get Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease or NAFLD. To curb this, all you have to do is to watch your weight and keep your BMI balanced.

Stay Away from Toxins:

You can try to keep your diet balanced and all, but you should also ensure the room you live in is well-ventilated. The toxins in the home might also be harmful if you are there for a longer time. Wear a mask and keep away from smoke and alcohol.  

Embrace Ayurvedic Support:

Ayurveda has always been the go-to solution provider for most people. Even in the case of protecting your liver from the harmful effects of your erratic lifestyle, Ayurveda comes in handy. The trusted brand of Netsurf has come up with Naturamore Nutri Liver capsules that have a traditionally formulated nutraceutical to help the hepatobiliary system.  

Naturamore Nutri Liver capsules contain Milk Thistle, Bhuiamla, Kutki, Chirayita, and other such valuable herbs. These blend in to ensure the overall well-being of the liver. It maintains the bile secretions and liver enzymes to maximize the detoxification of the body. 

Your liver is a remarkable organ that deserves the utmost care, especially in our sedentary and fast-paced lifestyles. Ignoring its well-being can have far-reaching consequences. By implementing the mentioned tips and embracing Ayurvedic wisdom through functional nutrition, you can ensure your liver's thriving health and overall well-being. Prioritizing liver care is a testament to valuing the indispensable role this remarkable organ plays in sustaining our lives.