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Tips to keep Diseases at bay this Rainy season

Author : Amod Gogte

The rains are here, bringing with them a lot of happiness and thrill especially to quench the earth after all those scorching summer days. This is also the time, we feel excited like a peacock and dance in the rain like that character in the Bollywood film. It’s indeed joyous to kick out the heels and dance in the rain like no one’s watching.

But what nobody tells you is what happens after the rain dance! Cold, body aches, viral fever, and cough take over your peace and well-being. This is the season you have to be very careful as our body naturally becomes low on immunity. The result is that we end up catching cough and cold or flu in the rainy season. So, how to stay healthy during monsoon season? We shall have to blend in good health habits along with improving our food choices. Only then, we can go for curbing the cough and cold this Monsoon. But before everything else, let’s find out why our immunity is low in the rainy season.

The Relationship between Cold and Rains

What do we see everywhere in this rainy season? We see water-clogged and flooded roads, and too many stagnant water pools and puddles everywhere. These become breeding grounds for insects, mosquitoes, worms, parasites, fungus and disease-causing bacteria.  

While in other seasons, the immunity is just to fight bacteria or random viruses from somewhere, in the rainy season, the body has to work harder to do so all time. As per ayurveda, in rainy season the ‘Agni’ our digestive fire that breaks down and digests things for us becomes weak due to the effect of the weather. Our body find its difficult to cope up with disease-causing agents and becomes susceptible to the diseases.

All in all, immunity goes down and we end up getting anything from viral fever to cough to even runny nose.

Fungal infections, bacterial infections and viral flu spread faster through rain and moisture-laden air faster. This is why you cannot ignore taking care of yourself under any condition in and here are a few monsoon health tips for you.

Tips to Stay Safe from Cold and Other Ailments

  • Go for Teas: You may go for ginger tea, tulsi tea, or turmeric-based tea. These three are the most common choices in Ayurveda for fighting the cold and soothing your throat. Naturamore’s herbal green tea range has some of the best choices of teas with these effective ingredients, from Tulsi to turmeric, to dry ginger. These are great for healing the throat and even for sipping intermittently throughout the day.
  • Care for Your Hygiene: Water-borne diseases can spread faster in rain because of the rainwater. So, it is better to wash your hands, and feet after coming home. If you have any cuts or wounds as well, protect them well and do not forget to clean them after returning from outside.
  • Drink clean water: Waterborne diseases spread easily in rainy season. Make sure that your drinking water is pure and uncontaminated. Drinking boiled water is the best method to make it free from germs. Take sips of warm water all day if possible. It can keep your throat warm and comfortable, and it also helps improve your digestion.
  • Avoid Eating Outside Food: You may want to eat food at a restaurant. You may crave piping hot snacks from the roadside shack. But it is advisable to go for home-cooked food during this phase as you can then stay safe from germs. Also, do not overeat, or eat when you are not really hungry, since it may invite indigestion and other digestive problems.

More Tips on Boosting Immunity

We are aware that the root cause of your ill health during monsoons is low immunity levels. So, you can, therefore, go for improving it by consuming the Naturamore Immune Plus capsules. It can work comprehensively on immunity and therefore, helps in curbing allergies and inflammation while also working on improving the liver functions.

Ayurveda has always been the best way to treat common colds, flu, and coughs. Their ability to go to the depth of any health condition and cure it from the root has made Ayurveda the best choice for everyone.

Naturamore also has a special Ayurvedic formula in the form of syrup for those suffering from coughs and colds. Klearkof has been the best solution for those with breathing and other respiratory diseases and colds along with sore throat issues.

When you have so many solutions, offering to make your body immune from deep within and heal you from colds and coughs, don’t stress. You can simply enjoy the treatment methods and just take a few minor precautions before stepping out in the rain.

To know more about each of these amazing products from Naturamore, visit the site, Naturamore Direct and feel free to drop us a message.